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Open Day Events

Join us on 23 and 25 March 2017.  It’s a great way to get a feel for course content, delivery, participation, and results that you can expect to see along the way.
Day 1:       Thu 23 March 2017:    6.30pm – 9.30pm

Day 2:       Sat  25 March 2017:    10am  –  1pm

All the above courses take place online, however, on request, they are also available as full day and weekend master classes, conference workshops, retreats, individual and group coaching and consultancy, and keynotes.
VENUE:      Boardroom, Hotel BoscoSt Mark’s Hill, Surbiton KT6 4LQ

* Surbiton BR Station is on the Waterloo line. Trains from Waterloo reach Surbiton in 17-20 minutes


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Rapid and high-impact global changes in the last 5 years alone …
To say that life as we know it today, is far more competitive, complex and multipolar than just 5 years ago, is a gross understatement!  Every single day global-scale changes and new trends affect our micro-worlds of home and family, health and fitness, career and fulfilment, income and expenditure, and so on.  Here are some mind-boggling statistics: 

The number of active users of Facebook per month (!) has gone up by 188%. Today, 1,492 million people are active users of Facebook per month. This is a 188% increase from the 518 million users/month just 5 years ago! 

The 24 hours of video-upload per minute on YouTube of 5 years ago,  has been far surpassed by today’s 400 hours of content-upload per minute.  A 16.7% increase.  Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small percentage figure. Remember, we are talking minutes here!

When you do the math, your mind boggles at the technological connectivity (and the rest!) that’s required to live in our at-your-fingertips visual world.  Let me indulge you!  That’s 4,000 whopping hours content upload every 10 minutes, and 24,000 hours content upload per 1 hour alone!  When you think about the average number of minutes per upload, you realise there are a heck of a lot of people using YouTube to communicate,  be noticed,  teach, clarify, and much more.  Did I say we live in an unprecedented increasingly competitive and complex world?  I rest my case. 

The number of Airbnb summer guests have increased by a resounding 361% from 47,000 to 17 million, in five years!  It’s a genius business model and has given new meaning and activities to a quick growth global sharing-costs economy, commonly referred by students of economics, as Uberisation. 

Global Warming
The average temperature in Frankfurt in December has increased by 12%, from -1.6 to 12 degrees Celsius in a matter of 5 years. Go figure!

Life Expectancy
Now here’s a seeming anomaly given global advancements in science, technology, medicine, sanitation, etc.. The average life expectancy the world over has increase by just 1% from 70 to 71 years. What is the underlying story/stories here? 

eBay Sales
The number of dresses sold on eBay have increased from 6 to 90 per minute. There’s a good 15% more dresses being delivered by Parcel Force across the globe!  Easy to see how change in one area impacts favourably or not so, somewhere else? 

Your Career Management
On 24th February, BBC News reported that the average job tenure is a mere 4.6 years, and one can expect to have as many as  7 different careers during a life time. One business expert said, “Structures built for slow growth, won’t translate any more ”  Translate into what?  Success and fulfilment by your personal definition.  Value creating, giving and receiving.  New and exciting activities and ventures!  Slow growth structures will not support these outcomes.  Some of you are experiencing this right now. 

About Our 2017 Courses
These numbers tell stories that link the past to our present and emerging futures. The handful of macro stories cited here inevitably impact on the numbers in your own life stories, and even more importantly, in how you experience your day-to-day life.

In response to these and a whole lot of other emerging global changes and trends, we’ve designed a number of courses that will knock your socks off, and transform your thinking, beliefs, behaviour, habits, life-experience and outcomes.  Every course is designed to help you build a strong internal foundation of:

  • Preparation not Panic
  • Participation not Procrastination
  • Pliable not Petrified
  • Prospering not Pauperising

Best wishes

Melanie and the Team at MindRheo