Storytelling and the Brain

Suitable for individuals, groups and companies who are inspired to create new realities.

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Story-Telling and the Brain

This four-part series will focus on the skills and personal practice required to develop the art of story-telling.

Everything is story. Your biology is story. Micro stories of the liver, heart, hormone cascade, and even smaller nano stories underlying these. Macro stories – body and environment, body and food, body and mind, and so on, merging with a global and macro story stream.  Your relationships, friendships, career, projects, and achievements – all have underlying stories and pathways in the brain. All emerging based on the tales that you tell as you live in the present moment and engage with people, circumstances and events on a day-to-day basis.

Stories are powerful tools which are far too under-utlised, poorly attended to and crafted, and often, are just unconscious renditions of the personal, professional and global cosmoses that you inhabit.

And yet story is everything. Successful people and companies know this. They employ this approach to their thinking and conversations. The Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company, now called Shell Global, have had in-house story-development teams since the 1970s. Case studies that follow these teams have found that through a variety of storytelling processes, their leadership make better plans and decisions for short and longer-term development and success. In their story-crafting, they are able to identify patterns that are forward-moving and those that are not. They root out the “stuck” patterns with new stories.

A child born in 1932 in the tiny village of Jato in Ethiopia loves the exhilaration of running barefoot. He crafts wonderful stories as he runs, adding details as he goes, weaving storylines together with rich emotional and factual content. Many years later, this youth now aged 28 but yet unknown and unheard of in the West, amazes the world as he wins the gold medal for the Olympic Marathon – the most gruelling of athletic events. Abebe Bikila attracted the world’s attention and so much more, not only by being the first East African to win a medal, but also because he ran the event barefoot. Four years later, in Tokyo, he won again – this time with shoes!

Master creators know that that at the heart of emerging new realities – personal, professional or global – lie micro and macro stories that are crafted and narrated with skill, focus, and most of all, joy!

What stories have you been telling about your life, your work, your loved ones, your dreams? What stories would you like to tell?

Stories are more than a coming-together of words. Stories have their beginnings in your emotions and feelings, the things you pay attention to, your habits, conversations, beliefs, and the things you love and those that you don’t!

In this four-part seminar series, like an artist and artisan, you will learn the art and craft of story-crafting and telling that will assist in unfolding new realities that bring joy to yourself and others. How the brain interprets and stores your conscious and “unconscious” stories will be thrown in for good measure.

Here’s the breakdown of the focus in the four-parts:

Being journey-minded

Good structure reveals insight

Developing mindset and follow-through

Continuity and expansion

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