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Radical Reorienting Series: SLEEP (Ep. 3 of 6)

Dr Melanie Flory , founder of MindRheo, and Daryl Richards, founder of DBR Training, discuss some of the most recent research about the importance of Sleep for body, brain and emotional health and wellbeing.

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In this episode we discuss some of the latest research on why we sleep , how much sleep is essential for maintaining and improving body and brain health, and what happens when we are sleep deficient.

The growing body of scientific evidence affirms that sleep is essential for physical, mental and psychological health, and that sleep deficiency compromises overall health and wellbeing. Optimal quantity and quality of sleep is vital for brain development, energy conservation, daily removal of neurotoxins from the brain, modulation of  immune response, memory retention and recall, alertness, protection against disease and even emotional intelligence!  The list is long and varied.

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep 9 times out of 10, this podcast is for you.

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 ?  Mathew Walker’s book: Why we sleep

 ?  Sleep stories:

 ?  Sleep cycle/sleep tracker app:

 ?  Ōura rings for sleep quality tracking:

 ?  Blue light blocking glasses:


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Disclaimer: This podcast is not intended to replace or be a substitute for medical advice.  Listeners should consult their GP in matters relating to their physical and mental health, and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.


Radical Reorienting Series: MOVEMENT (Ep. 2 of 6)

In this Episode #2 of Radical Reorienting we delve into the topic of OPTIMAL MOVEMENT for body and brain health. 

In Radical Reorienting we intersect neuroscience and psychology with sports and exercise science to help you work towards the healthiest version of yourself, both mentally and physically.

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Daryl Richards defines optimal movement as being able to “move well enough to do what you want and need to do without any pain or compensation.” He uncovers the importance of joint and spinal mobility for long-term health and wellbeing, and brings his vast experience to the discussion on types of movement and tips for exercising regularly. Melanie explains the significance of movement and exercise in activating and maintaining brain plasticity, with positive outcomes for memory retention and recall, enhanced ability for new learning, increasing attention span, and enabling creative thinking.

We hope you’ll walk away with that perfect nugget of information or inspiration that gets you moving (literally) in the direction of optimal and vibrant health.

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Resources / Links:

Daryl’s 5-minute joint mobility routine

Book by James Clear: Atomic Habits: tiny changes, remarkable results

Workout and Nutrition Tracking App


Radical Reorienting Series: HYDRATION (Ep. 1 of 6)

Dr Melanie Flory, founder of MindRheo, and Daryl Richards, founder of DBR Training, talk about Hydration For Body, Brain and Overall Health and Wellbeing.

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Optimal hydration is essential to improved physical and mental performance, which in turn impact on one’s personal sense of agency – also known as phenomenal will.

They talk about how replenishing your body’s water supply is part of the bigger lifelong journey of self-care and sense of agency.  Daryl shares practical tips based on his personal practice and long-term experience in the health, fitness and sports industry.  Melanie explains that when perseverance is coupled with creative thinking, the brain is able to consolidate new learning as you go through the physical, cognitive, and emotional journey of breaking through old habits and replacing them with new and healthier ones.



?  Check out this ready reckoner water-intake calculator based on gender, height, weight, age, and activity levels:

?  Good source for environmentally friendly everyday drinking water bottles

 ?  Reverse osmosis filters for home use:

 ?  Reverse osmosis membranes:


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Saimir Pirgu: Inside the Mind of an Operatic Prodigy

Acclaimed by audiences and critics around the world, Saimir Pirgu is  a world-renowned tenor whose performances range from Macduff in Macbeth of Verdi acclaim, to Roméo in Charles-François Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette.

Saimir has performed in almost all of the most important opera houses around the globe.

I met Saimir in London during his portrayal of  Verdi’s Alfredo in  La Traviata and had the privilege of dining with him  and a few of his close friends at the end of the evening.  After a energy-sapping performance, this man was alive, vibrant, and full of fun.

The conversation drifted from all things opera-related to absolute fun and spontaneous topic-tripping. Amidst the un-containable laughter and camaraderie I sensed the strong mindset that is the foundation upon which this man has built his career.  You’ll see that he continues to seek to find a balance in his life between the demands that the global operatic world places upon him, and his personal and private ambitions and desires.  I was so happy when he agreed to this  interview a year on.

As promised, here are 3 attitudinal traits  that I’ve extracted from this interview.  I assess these as being big winners for Saimir in attaining what he has up to now:

  1. Trusting an inner-led knowing. Saimir possesses an inner knowing that he WILL  achieve his dreams, and couples this with a focus that is steadfast.  Steadfast focus is not fanatical or obsessive.  It is a focus that is nurtured by thoughts that lead to positive engagement with actions – such as continued learning, putting in the training hours, turning up on time, and recognising opportunities that are are potentially life-changing (for the better, of course!)
  2. Open to learning new.  See if you can identify this attitude in Saimir’s storytelling! He sees everything as an opportunity for new learning – about himself, about a situation, a person, his music, etc.. This is so deep a practice of his, that this is now  just his modus operandi in the world.
  3. Master and mastery mindset.  As you listen to the interview, you will detect that Saimir is on a path of continuous improvement.  He is appreciative of his current achievements and abilities, but he has an eagerness, and sometimes even displays impatience, in relation to moving-on to the next phase or level.

It’s a pleasure to share this with you all. I’ve learnt so much myself. Enjoy!

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