Women of Presence

Neuroscience-based programme addressing the economic, professional and social disparities and challenges of the 4IR world experienced by women in business, leadership, SMEs, start-ups, and career-path development.

This programme helps women develop personal presence and self-expression that directly lead to raising their value in the world whilst growing their business, career or enterprise.

Key components include experimental-based learning, utilisation of brain plasticity for cognitive and emotional pathway development, neuroscience of personal value, neuroscience of Confidence, Conviction, Clarity, Construction and Context.

Consultancy, coaching, keynote presentation, and bespoke programme development enquiries to: admin@mindrheo.com.

First time. Women of Presence Masterclass in London, March 2020

Understand the purpose of building your unique personal and professional presence in an increasingly uncertain 4IR workplace.

Date and Bookings:

Date: Thursday, 19th March 2020 
Time: Arrive 9.30 am for 10.00am start. Finishes at 4.30pm 
Venue: London (tba)
Bookings: admin@mindrheo.com
*Places are limited to 30 people. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Our Women of Presence masterclass is in direct response to the World Economic Forum’s global call for new education and lifelong learning for women to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Designed specifically for mid-to-senior level leaders and associates, this masterclass delivers an excellent balance of tools, ideas and practices to enable women to be presence-driven in their leadership approach and career path development.

Masterclass Overview: This one-day masterclass is led by Dr Melanie Flory, Founder and Director of MindRheo. The content is structured and designed to ensure deep learning, long-term retention, and post-learning recall. The three core areas of learning, exploration and discovery, are:

Leadership mindset: understanding presence-driven leadership

Futures impact skills: NeuroConnective Storytelling and Futures-thinking strategies and skills

Continuous improvement: learning how to harness old and new learning for better outcomes

In this masterclass you will learn how to express leadership presence and develop new leadership potential that is recognised and rewarded. You will also be presented with tools to help you assess your personal career-pathway options using innovative thinking and creativity.

At the end of masterclass, you can book a 15-minute “speed consultation” session with Melanie. This will take place via Skype at a later date, and is free of charge.