Living Life on My Terms

I had a wonderful time in India catching up with some childhood friends that I had not seen for at least a decade!  Isn’t life and technology marvellous?  We’re all back in touch via email, twitter and facebook.

Something my friend Ajit wrote in an email hit me right between the eyes!  It read:

“… this is one life …let’s live it on our terms.”

Living life on my terms. Wow!  What are my terms?

Think about it.  What are the terms you want to live your life by?  Ask the question of yourself over and over again and let your thoughts gather their own momentum. I guarantee that you will reach a point when you will feel joyful from the responses that arise from within you.

And then …WHAM!  Reality hits you in the same spot; right between the eyes.  Err, but … what about the current market situation?  But … the children need me here.  But … I’m too old for that.  But … that’s just plain fantasy.  The babble of buts stream through.  Monkey mind is alive and well.

You feel the impact of those “but” thoughts on your mood and in your solar plexus.  Don’t quit.  Not now.  You can’t quit anyway, because you’ve had a good glimpse of Living Life on My Terms.

Here’s where listening – truly listening – and witnessing the emotions and sensations that Living Life on my Terms evokes within you, becomes paramount.  Stay focused on this feedback for a while.  Try it again.  Non-judgmental listening and witnessing does take some practice.  It is however, the first step to living life on your terms.

Even before you embark on the living part of the equation, a “making-friends-with” your terms is vital to you becoming your own biggest cheer-leader and source of inspiration.  You’ll come by other resources easily enough after than.

Take a little time out every day.  A minute here and there to practice witnessing and getting to like your LLOMT thoughts.  You are now lightly skimming the realm of contemplation, which is vital in training the mind to focus and concentrate with specific intention.



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