Neuroscience meets Design (NSMD) Probe Lab

Our NSMD Probe Lab is all about interdisciplinary design and innovation. Since 2014 we have been intersecting neuroscience and design to develop probes and environments for  improved health and wellbeing, and novel, futuristic, ground-breaking cognitive, emotional, and behavioural experiences and outcomes.

Newly emerging research from several domains within neuroscience give us a better understanding of the links between emotion and reason, perception and action, and how we differentiate ourselves from others through our choices and interactions. This knowledge, far from hindering, actually enhances our creative flow, design thinking and processes.

Intelligent design and application of probes is invaluable in constructing real-time laboratories of human experience which is vital to efficient and effective prototyping and final design.   


Intersecting neuroscience with design is a certain futures direction paradigm for design that aims to improve human and environmental conditions and outcomes.


“NSMD Probe Development. Model 1” © 2019 Ivanova and Flory


“In scientific research, probes are very useful when looking for “typical” population statistics and patterns, and then extrapolating the data to make predictions and generalise about concepts, applications, and behavioural expectation… it’s exciting for me as a scientist to look to a future in which design-led probes are thought out so well so that the probe itself becomes the intervention that changes taste and preference, educates, and shifts thought and behaviour on a personal and collective bases.”

Melanie Flory (2014): Excerpt from T-Probe Interview, Kingston University London

Whilst not exhaustive, the following list presents the core design purpose and function for some of the probes we have/are designing and developing:

  • research and ideation
  • concept-to-prototype development
  • user experience research
  • improved communication and engagement
  • better education and learning experience
  • behavioural change
  • emotional intelligence and regulation
  • development of self-confidence and agency
  • brand design and presence
  • storytelling, designing and crafting
  • developing / expanding personal and organisational creativity
  • organisational (re)design and change management
  • career development
  • futures thinking
  • leadership


“In design and research, probes are used in contexts involving human engagement with materials, products, technologies and experience. Probes are of immense value in fulfilling specific design and/or research intentions at the various phases of bringing concepts into actualisation.”

Ninela Ivanova, Design Consultant at MindRheo, 
Adapted from PhD Thesis (2015)

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