MindRheo intersects Neuroscience and Design to create
new experiences and better futures

Intersecting Neuroscience and Design to deliver creative solutions and pathways to new futures for organisations and individuals

We work closely with our clients to improve their business effectiveness and impact by designing creative solutions and processes informed by evidence-based neuroscience.

Our programmes and products are aimed at constructing mindset, changing behaviour, and expanding delivery-related skills and capacities necessary to shape the future from the current environment of complex push and pull factors.

We help our clients break through boundaries and create what is needed for innovative organisational change, leadership development, futures thinking, systemic solutions, and multi-disciplinary exchange.

We add value to our clients through challenging the status-quo, thereby shifting their cultural paradigms and mindset in ways that lead to improving processes, systems, strategy and operations. We are passionate about our clients achieving their vision.

Not too big or small …
MindRheo provides Neuroscience, Systems, and Design-based research and consultancy. We deliver seminars, workshops, keynote presentations, 1-1 coaching, and bespoke training & development programmes for C-suite leaders, SMEs, organisations of all sizes, government and NGO enterprises, thought leaders, and women in business.

The majority of our clients are long-standing and we continue to be re-engaged on new projects with them. Nothing is too big or small.


Understanding the neuro-biological basis of human communication and storytelling is vital to speaking and behaving with mindful and clear intent. Read more

Women of Presence 

Neuroscience-based programme addressing the economic, professional and social challenges and disparities of our 4IR world experienced by women in business, leadership, SME, start-ups, and career-path development. Read more

Neuroscience for Design Worldwide (NfDW)

The mission of Neuroscience for Design Worldwide (NfDW) is to apply neuroscience knowledge and research to the world of design thinking, practice, career and mindset development. Read more

NSMD Probe Lab

Our NSMD Probe Lab is all about interdisciplinary design and innovation. Since 2014 we have been intersecting neuroscience and design to develop probes and environments for improved health and wellbeing, and novel, futuristic, ground-breaking cognitive, emotional, and behavioural experiences and outcomes. Read more

Futures Thinking

Futures thinking is a multidisciplinary methodology that activates the mental and emotional flexibility needed for long term strategic thinking, planning and design. Read more

CognitiveEmotion ArchitectureTM


Dr Melanie Flory


She partners with some of the world’s most disruptive companies – from global brands to founder-led start-ups.

Melanie served as Psychologist, Neuroscientist, and Research Lead at the Ministry of Defence (UK), University of Westminster (London) and the Surrey Trauma Service prior to establishing MindRheo. Her clinical, academic, and research career involved working in multi-disciplinary teams across Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East, specialising in human brain connectivity and its relationship to behaviour. Working collaboratively, she builds products and services that activate utilisation of neuroplasticity to unlearn specific thought and behaviour patterns, whilst creating new ones. Her expertise includes neuro-connective storytelling, futures scenario building, and group-plasticity optimisation.

Melanie is a well-appreciated speaker on neuroscience and business, and the leverage-effect of multi-disciplinary research and collaboration.

She can be reached at melanie@mindrheo.com.

The Neuroscience of Emerging New Realities. Melanie Flory inspiring change through brain connectomics at GFX pop up talks #Fashion4Change, Victoria & Albert Museum, London. 1 July 2018


June 24, 2022

MindRheo sponsors a Helen Hamlyn Award for Systems Design

The annual Helen Hamlyn Design Awards at the Royal College of Art award the most creative, people-centred and inclusive RCA graduate projects. This year, MindRheo is sponsoring a student award for Best Systems Design Approach to Complex Societal Problems.  To find out who won, join us on Wednesday 29th June, 5-6.15pm at the Royal College of Art. Book a free place via Eventbrite. RSVP is essential. 

March 4, 2022

#AXSChat with Rama Gheerawo and Melanie Flory

Melanie Flory joins a panel discussion on Inclusive Leadership, hosted by Neil Milliken for the AXSChat community – an open online community of individuals dedicated to creating an inclusive world who believe that accessibility is for everyone.

January 10, 2022

Design.Wicked: A Design-led Approach to Tackling Wicked Problems

On January 10, 2022, as part of the Helen Hamlyn’s Design.Different series of events, Melanie Flory hosted a panel discussion which brought together thought leaders from across sectors and disciplines to present their perspectives and experiences on the role of design in tackling wicked problems. Watch the recording here.

March 14, 2021

Creative Leadership: design meets neuroscience to transform leadership

A paper co-authored by Melanie Flory, Ninela Ivanova and Rama Gheerawo. The paper was first presented at the Proceedings of the 22nd dmi: Academic Design Management Conference (dmi: ADMC2020): Impact the Future by Design, Toronto, Canada (online), and was then published in the dmi Journal, Vol.15

Creative Leadership in context (Copyright: Flory, 2018)
JANUARY 4, 2021

Melanie Flory heads research at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

A great start to a new year – our Founding Director Dr Melanie Flory has been appointed Research Director at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at London’s Royal College of Art. She is the first neuroscientist to be employed by the RCA.

Her role involves leading the growth and development of the Centre’s inclusive design and creative leadership research and knowledge exchange portfolios, as well as co-developing and launching the Centre’s first doctoral and Master’s by research programmes (2022–3). She is the neuroscience lead on the Centre’s creative leadership project. She has a strong focus on fostering and incorporating the Centre’s inclusive design methods in cross-disciplinary research, innovation and knowledge exchange programmes and projects, with the RCA’s four Schools and other Research Centres.

OCTOBER 16, 2020

Creative Leaders Circle: A Call to Action

On Thu 16 October, Melanie interviewed Rama Gheerawo – Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (Royal College of Art) – on his personal journey to arriving at a Creative Leadership model based on Empathy, Clarity and Creativity. Watch a recording of the session here.

OCTOBER 15, 2020

Inclusive Design: Business Value and Pathways

On Thu 15 October, Melanie Flory joined an interdisciplinary panel at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (Royal College of Art) to explore the role of design in evolving business models and processes for post-pandemic recovery. Watch a recording of the session here.

MARCH 19, 2020

Women of Presence Masterclass in London

1st time in the UK. Women of Presence Masterclass. March 2020. Limited registration – book early to avoid disappointment. Understand the purpose of building your unique personal and professional presence in an increasingly uncertain 4IR workplace. Read more and book.

February 10, 2020

The Rheo in MindRheo

Our Founding Director Melanie Flory talks about where the ‘rheo’ in MindRheo comes from. Find out more here.

December 11-12, 2019

Design Meets Neuroscience: Future directions for developing and implementing design probes

A book chapter co-authored by MindRheo’s Founding Director Melanie Flory and designer Ninela Ivanova. This chapter originally appeared as a paper at the Design Research for Change (DR4C) 2019 Symposium that was held at the Design Museum, and was later published in Rodgers, Paul A., (ed.) Design Research for Change. Lancaster University, Lancaster, pp. 93-109. ISBN 978 1 86220 369 3.  Read the full article.

NSMD Probe Development (Level 1)


NOVEMBER 14, 2019

Unexpected Interludes: Creative Imagination and Emotional Intelligence

This Thu 14 Nov at 7pm we are returning to the Wellcome Reading Rooms on Level 2 for an open #EmoT workshop on creative imagination and emotional intelligence. Read more and join in.

July 9, 2019

Future Directions: Design Meets Neuroscience

Melanie Flory and Ninela Ivanova write about their collaboration across design and neuroscience at the Design Management Institute’s dmi:Review publication: “Design thinking can find much material in the fields of psychology and neuroscience research, while neuroscience can benefit from design’s potential to influence and engage human beings. The authors of this article found that they had a lot to say to each other.”  Read the full article.

OCTOBER 10, 2019

Emo-T: Creative Imagination and Emotional Intelligence

Do your emotions control you, or do you control your emotions? Join us at 3 p.m. today at the Wellcome Collection Reading Room on Level 2 for a fun mini-workshop.

June 19, 2019

Transformation: Arts <> Cities <> Mobility <> Products <> Services <> Technology

4 July 2019. Join our Founding Director Dr Melanie Flory at the Royal College of Art (London) cross-college symposium. Melanie will give a keynote on Brains In The City: Neuroscience and Urban Design and join a panel discussion on ‘Transforming Cities and Societies’. Read more and watch a recording of the session.

MARCH 31, 2019

Creative Leadership

A year ago, our Founding Director Melanie Flory joined the Creative Leadership team at The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at London’s Royal College of Art as a neuroscience project partner and advisor. See what the team have been up to, and hear from Melanie about the role of neuroscience in leadership research and education.

NOVEMBER 23, 2018

The Neuroscience of Thanksgiving

Last night, Melanie was invited to present at a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner hosted by The Pop. Check it out Instagram.

JULY 31, 2018

Design Thinking Meets Neuroscience: the promise of new futures

3 August 2018. Melanie will present at the Undone: Research Methods Symposium at The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, London.

AUGUST 1, 2018

Melanie joins a panel on multi-sensory design @ Royal College of Art


JUNE 25, 2018

GFX Swap + Pop Up Talks

V&A, SouthKen, Exhibition Rd Entrance via The Slacker Courtyard. Sunday 1st July. Not to be missed! A day of clothes swap and pop-up talks. The business of transforming one of the most polluting industries in the world – textiles! https://tinyurl.com/y76gzquc 

JULY 1, 2017

Fashion, Enterprise, and New Futures

29 June 2017, CFE FashTech Meetup 11, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.  Image courtesy of Emmi Hyyppä

Can new thinking and new choices in fashion change the world? Read more

JUNE 17, 2017

Join Melanie at CFE FashTech Meetup 11

 The event is free, but registration is essential.

OCTOBER 10, 2016

Workshop: Neuroplasticity and Unfolding New Realities

October 16, 2016

The Emo-TTM Global Wall

We presented a paper and a poster on The Emo-TTM @ the 10th International Design & Emotion Conference (Amsterdam, 2016). Click to read the full publication.


APRIL 8, 2016

Saimir Pirgu: Inside the Mind of an Operatic Prodigy

Acclaimed by audiences and critics around the world, Saimir Pirgu is  a world-renowned tenor whose performances range from Macduff in Macbeth of Verdi acclaim, to Roméo in Charles-François Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette. […]

I met Saimir in London during his portrayal of  Verdi’s Alfredo in  La Traviata and had the privilege of dining with him  and a few of his close friends at the end of the evening.  After a energy-sapping performance, this man was alive, vibrant, and full of fun. Read more


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