Being Decisive And Making Decisions

Derek’s @sivers tweet this morning made me smile! Now, I don’t know a thing about Gitlab or Github, except what Google tells me: they are web-based code repositories, and the rest.


Sivers Tweet


What really struck me though was Sivers’ RheoMode (flow-mode) mindset – made apparent by the tone of the tweet – by which the decision came about. Embedded and entangled within that sound byte were many markers of someone at the top of their game.

I cast no aspersions on Mr Siver’s knowlege, but a big marker of timely, confident and forward-moving decision making is not needing to know every single thing about the topic, and how things will pan out in the future. It’s about knowing some things well, some less so, and above all, knowing where, why and how this matches what you are looking for. These bits of knowledge go a long way in making both – balanced decisions, and risk-taking decisions. Both are success mindset components.

In the world of business, these traits are highly-sought after and rewarded – decisiveness followed by good (Vs poor) execution is a leader’s dream come true.

Success-nurturing people have big visions and dreams, but are also grounded enough to make decisions based on what works for now. This is a substrate of a plastic mind which, in its own wake, unfolds new momentum, direction, and smart strategies.

Confident decision makers understand continuity and appreciate that perpetual “unfinished-ness” is how visions are realised. They allow room in their mind for error and new learning. And most importantly, they appreciate that all things are temporary and will change, and new decisions can be made at any point in time.


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