Emo-T™ Global Wall

The Emo-T™ Global Wall is an awareness-project about the role of emotions in shifting perception and unfolding new personal, professional and global realities.

Isn’t it fascinating that after rationalising and logically arguing the pros and cons of a particular scenario in your life at home or at work, it is the emotional resonance with your dreams and desires that wins the day?

All global campaigns that are successful , all professional projects that come to inspiring fruition, all manifestations that feel personal, fulfilling and uplifting rather than alienating and draining, have one thing in common – perceptions that create positive emotional buy-in with the subject or the campaign; in other words, with the dream.

Our Emo-T™ Global Wall is a worldwide coming-together of people who are eager to wake up every day and consciously choose the emotion filters through which they wish to engage with people and events during their day.

It is our intention to build a wall of a million Emo-Ts which will become a global portfolio of positive affect emotions, AND a platform of influence for further research, education and training-of-the future relating to the development of personal emotion-architecture.

If you’d like to be part of this world-wide group unfolding new realities through conscious and intelligent emotional choices, please e-mail ninela@mindrheo.com for an information pack.

Join us on twitter @MindRheo and share your T-shirt creations with the rest of the world.