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Know Your Emotional Playground?

The workshop on 29th September was a wonderful way to bring the third quarter of 2012 to a close. It was a juncture of appreciation for the experiences of the last nine months, and for the new aspirations and goals that have arisen from it.

It became apparent that one of the major killers of achievement and progress is the how question. There is nothing wrong about a question that begins with the word how when you are feeling confident, excited, eager, vibrant and optimistic. But ask the question when you are not in that emotional playground, and suddenly the dream, the project, the goal or the desire, feels less inspiring and more overwhelming.

Learning to develop a personal emotional field that is favourable to moving confidently in the direction of you dreams is what I call, the power of emotional leverage. An “accomplishment-friendly” emotional field gives you access to thoughts that become thought-ways to success.

As these thought-ways begin to open and unfold ever-new emotional leverage, that second vision-killer – caring about the opinion of others – begins to lessen and fade with a gentle, persistent, focused, and constructive emotional-field development. Before you know it, your self-talk and self-appreciation grows and gathers momentum. Now you are well on your way to attracting, raising, mobilising, and leveraging the resources and practicalities for meeting your commitments and achieving your goals.

You’d be well counselled however, to accept that your every manifested desire will inspire you to new, more refined, and often, bigger and better creations. It’s one of the ecstasies of living a vibrant life.

Join us on 24th November at our Seminar-Workshop which is all about cultivating your personal emotional-friendly launch pad, and developing thought-ways to ensure the successful delivery and manifestation of your 2013 dreams and goals.

Until next time!