Be Light About It

I’m really looking forward to our workshop next Saturday (30th June), and anticipating lots of fun, creativity, freedom in our sharing, and the emergence of new perspectives for each one of us, and for all of us collectively.

So, be light about your meditation.  Forget about the heaviness of discipline and determination; unless of course you are able to feel inspired and excited about these ways of being.

Be light about it.  Relax into it.  If fifteen or twenty minutes feel too long, or if you’re feeling fidgety and restless ….. RELAX!  Just meditate for two minutes.  A little meditation practiced without resistance goes a long way.

And, most of all – as we know from our previous work together – the phenomenal and positive-feeling shifts in your moods, thoughts, feelings and emotions are the natural and inevitable by-products of your resistance-free practice.

Go easy.  Go gently.  Go well.  And see you very soon.



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