Finding Your Focus

The 28th April workshop is still unravelling its effects on a day-to-day basis.  Every single person who attended took away something that was priceless – the value of consciously engaging in new emotions about an old topic in order to arrive at a new perspective that feels better and must result in a better outcome.  Now, that sounds like a mouthful, and a lot to take in!  And it is. 

But, when you go beyond intellectualising this concept, and take it apart, and absorb it, and make it your own through daily practice, you stumble upon thoughts and feelings, and rationale and perspective that you’ve never experienced before.  Your awareness and your perception of yourself and others inevitably changes.  Thankfully, for the better!

 The power of focus was at the centre of our new understanding.   Of course, several other themes ricocheted directly off this central point.  Relativity, connectivity, and what connects and relates us to ourselves, to others, to our dreams and our plans followed on naturally.  But the power of intentional focus – focus that is enriched by self-awareness and an ungrudging willingness to befriend the intentionality that is at the core of  our dreams and goals – opened up penny-dropping and new-resolve moments for many. A new resolve to drop the struggle and angst in the defining and achievement of one’s goals and desires was palpable in the room.  It was replaced with a new desire to relax into them and to be-friend them before taking any action.

 More than all of this however, it was the experimenting with introducing simple meditative practices that can be used in the midst of daily interactions and conversations that had everyone smiling and uttering further penny-dropping groans!

 Meditation began to emerge as a true catalyst that can enable new responses and cause new processes and events to occur that are in alignment with our dreams and goals.

 In keeping with the natural flow of this workshop, the topic for the next one has sprouted organically! “Attention, perception, and coming face-to-face with the core of one’s desires and goals”  has got to be the next logical step forward.  Be prepared for some enjoyable, fun-filled moments, and also some wriggling, eye-opening experiences too!  Whatever you do, make sure you pencil it into your diary –Saturday, 29th September 2012.



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