Optimistic, Open, On Purpose

I spent the most part of January ensconced in fun and the love of my family and friends in India.  I also had my fair share of penny-dropping and eye-opening moments. The Indian sub-continent is abuzz.  You can feel its vibrancy.  I’m not referring to that colour-rich, heaving-street, joie de vivre that we have grown accustomed to associating with the country and its people.  It’s different. It’s a sensed energy.  You feel it.  The air is thick with optimism and positive anticipation.  You see it in the big business ventures taking place.  Parliamentary debates are fuelled by a well-informed intelligentsia. There are smiles all round and then some.  Hubs and huddles of bent heads deep in political, business, philosophical, and religious debate, meet for breakfast.  Lunches are about the fast-moving financial trends, the outsourcing industry, price of bullion, the latest food fad and Bollywood glitterati gossip.

Amidst all these worldly wise goings-on, I was amazed to witness the openness with which individuals, companies and cohorts talked about the practice, effects and benefits of meditation and emotional management for private and public life.  Refreshing!  Debates on TV.  MIT engineers and scientists extolling the positive benefits of meditation on their creativity and problem-solving skills.  Senior  graduates on national TV educating and urging freshmen and sophomores to take up clinically based mediation and contemplative practice to alleviate exam anxiety, memory lapses, and poor sleep patterns.  So here I am, back in theUK, and more inspired than ever to ensure that MindRheo does its bit to bring meditation and its associated practices into our homes and offices.


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